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The only nationwide medical practice with doctor led care teams

Strengthen your members and your bottom line with our unique care model designed to deliver better outcomes.

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what is the problem?

The traditional care-model wastes time and money

Patients bounce from one referral to another, getting multiple, fragmented diagnoses and point-solution band-aids that miss the root cause.


Outcomes of this model include ongoing pain and frustration for members, unnecessary opioid usage, unnecessary procedures and surgeries, re-operations, surgical complications, and mounting claims costs.

our solution

MSK care that’s better for your members and your bottom line

Under one roof, your members get evidence-based clinical care for muscle and joint pain as well as whole-person support for sleep, stress, nutrition, and more.


The Vori care model delivers better outcomes, fewer visits, and lower spend across the entire episode of care.


When you solve a problem at its root, you get better outcomes and lower costs.


Integrated care is better care

At Vori Health, we’ve reinvented how muscle, bone, and joint issues are treated from the ground up. We are a full medical practice that can treat any non-operative MSK condition.
All Vori clinicians are W2 employees.

1st Visit: It’s different.

We see your member within 24 hours to start treatment early and avoid urgent care visits. Your members see a board-certified physician, physical therapist, and health coach at the same time. We do this to get the best diagnosis and care plan up front.

Whole person, personalized care

80% of patient recovery happens outside of a doctor’s office. Our digital care plans make it easy with 24/7 access to exercises and behavior change coaching for better sleep, nutrition, emotional well-being and more.

Async exercise  & behavior change
Chat with clinicians
Convenience is a click away

Direct messaging and virtual follow-up visits keep your members engaged with their care without ever leaving home.

Collaborative care—
not fragmented care

With daily clinical huddles and a cross-functional digital platform, our teams keep your members top of mind and their care plans up to date.

Async Provider Huddle
Better outcomes

The Vori care model gets your members back on their feet and back to work faster without unnecessary procedures or costs.


Success rates

A transformational experience that our members love

“My experience with Vori has been world class. I was unsure if tele-physical therapy and coaching would be effective but it's been so impactful. I'm finding that Vori not only helped me get better physically but also make positive behavior changes in other aspects of my life. I love how convenient it is. My care team is fantastic and truly puts my experience at the center. I highly recommend Vori to anyone and everyone!”

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