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How it Works
Why Having a Doctor on Your Care Team is Important
How it Works

When muscle or joint pain strikes, you want answers you can trust. You want assurance for questions like: What is causing my pain? Is it serious? Do I need surgery? How can I make it better? At Vori Health, we make it easy to get these answers and more. Your Care Team is led by an expert medical doctor, so you can get clear guidance and the right support all in one place.

Benefits of having a doctor on your team

Answers you can trust

On your first video visit, you’ll receive a complete evaluation and a clear and personalized plan from muscle and joint pain experts.

Rule out an emergency

Most aches and pains do not need a trip to the emergency room, but it’s not always easy to make that call on your own. Your Vori Health doctor will evaluate you and explain what you may be feeling. In the rare case that further urgent medical attention is needed, we’ll help you get the right care.

Non-opioid pain prescriptions

To help you manage your pain, your doctor can prescribe medications that are appropriate for you. We do not prescribe opioid (narcotic) pain medications as muscle and joint pain can be treated without these addictive drugs.

Convenient, connected care

Your Vori Health doctor works with your physical therapist, health coach, and nutritionist to oversee your treatment plan. If you need any tests, like an x-ray or lab work, Vori Health doctors can order what you need, coordinate your appointments, and review your results at your next visit.

On-going support

Your doctor is always a message away. Any time you have a question, just send a chat message to your doctor through your Vori Health account.

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